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Email Marketing—What It Is and Why You Need It

Email Marketing—What It Is and Why You Need It

You’ve probably already heard a lot of the buzz around email marketing. A lot of people are in your ear saying that it’s going to set your business up for success, but what even is email marketing? And how can everyone be so sure it’s right for your business?

Well, I believe in backing up all of my advice with facts. Email marketing should absolutely be on your “must-have” list for 2019, but don’t just take my word for it. I’m going to explain to you exactly what email marketing is and why it’s worth investing some time and resources into.

What Is It?
In your everyday life, you might know email marketing as those “LAST-MINUTE SALE BUY NOW” emails that you get every so often. As a marketer, you can think of email marketing as a way to reach out to leads and develop your relationship with them. When you consider investing in email marketing, ignore those spam emails you get. They’re wasted opportunities, and a good strategy can help you avoid that pitfall.

Instead, think of how you’ll reach out to interested individuals and encourage them to have a conversation with your brand. You’ll keep your business on your potential customers’ minds, and you’ll generate conversions from your thoughtful, strategic emails!

That all sounds nice, but I wouldn’t blame you for having some skepticism. How do you know this is going to work for your business? I’ve got some numbers that I suspect you’ll find very assuring.

Does Email Marketing Really Work?
For B2C
I want to show you some of the most compelling email marketing statistics that illustrate why it’s worth your time. First and (in my opinion) most impressively, 80% of retailers say that email marketing is their biggest asset in customer retention. Not only is email marketing keeping customers around, but it’s making them spend more with each individual purchase. Customers who bought products via email links spent 138% more than customers who never got email offers. Email marketing keeps customers around and keeps them spending money on your business!

Don’t get me wrong; not all email marketing campaigns are equal, and the quality of your strategy is going to matter a lot. For example, a lot of marketers miss out on sending “Welcome” emails when someone subscribes to your mailing list. That’s a huge mistake, since research shows that welcome emails generate 320% more sales than promotional ones! Missing opportunities like this will make your email marketing much less effective.

For B2B
One comment I’ve heard in the past is that email marketing is great for B2C business, but it just doesn’t offer much for B2B marketers. Well, nothing could be further from the truth! Email is the third most influential source of information for B2B decision-makers, falling only behind recommendations from colleagues and industry leaders. That means that email marketing is literally the best thing B2B marketers can spend money on!

This isn’t just theoretical, either—it’s already making waves throughout B2B marketing. 59% of B2B marketers reported that email marketing was their biggest revenue generator. If you’re running a B2B business and not reaching out to potential customers, you’re missing out on your best way to make sales!

Press Send
You know what it is and why it’s worth your time, so get started! Skipping email marketing means you’re missing potential revenue. If you want to take your marketing to the next level this year, then now is the time to start working toward that goal!

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Email Marketing 101: Think Before You Blast


One of the most traditional forms of lead generation has been direct mail marketing.  But with the introduction of the internet, email as well as the push to cut down on waste and be “green”, the methods of lead generation have evolved and a new form of direct mail marketing has surfaced: email marketing.

Although for some this topic is elementary, I think it is very important to throw out there for discussion, its a vital cog in a successful online marketing strategy.

Since we all use email on a daily basis, you already know how quick and effective it is to communicate with your business associates…so why not harness this power to keep in constant communication with your clients?  (Hence one of the largest email marketing campaign companies being named “Constant Contact”).

The first step is to create an email database, which can be done using your current mail server (Microsoft Outlook for example or even Gmail or Hotmail).  Once you have created this database, every time that you gather a new email address/contact, add them to this database.  That way you will continually grow your list, which will in turn grow your business.

Next up, think about how often you want to send promotional messages to your list/database. I suggest hitting your target market at least twice a month…this way you are consistently in front of your prospect, they don’t forget you, and you have more opportunities to turn them into a sale!  When considering the frequency of your messages, remember that in order to generate the highest number of leads, you need to have an on-going email campaign.

Then…what do I send?!  You have three options:

  • An Email Newsletter
  • Promotional Email
  • Useful Information (insider tips)

To start out, try a combination of the three. Email Newsletters give you the opportunity to talk about different aspects of your business, while straight promotional emails or ones with useful information can be limiting.  You don’t have to have a fancy format, simply separate your email into different sections…viola!  A newsletter!

Tip: try to keep your graphics to a minimum, many people will never see them and as soon as the graphics don’t pop up will delete them thinking they are spam.

Write a warm introduction explaining the newsletter, alerting them to when they can expect to receive the next one, have one section for special offers and promotions and then in another section provide some tips. For example, if you were a fitness coach you could write a friendly introduction giving the latest news in your practice (new services, new staff, achievements, awards), in section 2 you can tell them about your new full body bootcamp (including a “newsletter only discount”) and then in the last section you can give them 5 tips to healthier eating.

But there are some hard and fast rules for email marketing that need to be taken into account.  Most importantly:

  1. Always personalize your emails: Use “Hi Bob” Rather than the stock “Hello”
  2. Subject Lines Are Key: Write attention grabbing subject lines (avoiding the use of SPAM words such as “free” “sex” and “$$$”)
  3. Check your spelling ten times before sending: look professional
  4. Always present a clear call to action
  5. Add links in your emails: to your blog, to your website, to your landing page
  6. Do the messages in both HTML and Plain Text: let your recipients decide individually which they prefer
  7. Always include an “unsubscribe me” link: this will help you keep from illegally spamming people who do not want your messages

There you go!  Again, if you want help getting a great campaign together with little time and little money, Constant Contact is a great service that can help you launch!

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