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Giving Back as a National Business

Giving Back as a National Business

‘Tis the season for giving back! As a national business, you’ve got the advantages of a larger budget for the season, but you’ll need to work harder to make your contributions feel unique and personalized. That’s why giving back in meaningful ways is so important for your business!

I’m going to walk you through how you can give to your employees, clients, and charities. If you don’t want to be seen as cold and heartless, you need to join in the holiday spirit and show people that you care about them!

Giving Back to Clients
No matter what industry you’re in, it’s safe to say that your clients could have easily gone with one of your competitors. Show that you appreciate them choosing you!

A great way to do this is to post holiday coupon codes on social media. Not only are you giving people what they want most during the holidays—deals—but you’re rewarding your most loyal customers. The people who follow you on social media are the ones who regularly buy from your business. Reward them for that!

As an added bonus, people will buy more from you when you have a sale. This is what truly effective giving back looks like—a sincere effort to help the people around you that just so happens to benefit your business!

Giving Back to Employees
Your employees aren’t just employees. They’re real people with unique passions and interests. Prove that you understand and appreciate that about them! One great strategy is to make a competition of it. Set trackable metrics for employee success and let each employee choose a charity. Those with the best performance will have donations made in their name proportional to how well they did!

You get a few advantages from this idea. First, your employees are working harder because they want to help a cause that’s important to them. It will give them an extra push to increase productivity, which can be especially useful around the holidays when many industries get busy.

Beyond that, you’re creating the opportunity to show your brand in a positive light. Use social media! You can give the winners an employee spotlight to show off how well they did, what charity they chose, and how large a contribution you made. Your employees will feel even better about their accomplishments, and your followers get to see how well you treat your workers!

Giving to Charity
Large companies donate to charities all the time. The bad news is that the majority of them are doing it wrong. It’s easy to just write a check to a random non-profit and call it a day, but that isn’t best for your business or the charity. You’ll be better served by finding a way to donate that makes sense for your business.

For example, a national restaurant chain donating to the Make-A-Wish Foundation doesn’t make a lot of sense. Sure you’d probably get some credit for helping out people in need, but ultimately, it would be too confusing for people trying to understand your brand.

But what if you ran a promotion where you matched donations to Feeding America? You could use one-liners like, “We Feed You, Now Help Us Feed Them!” The move makes sense for your brand, you’d help raise money for charity, and encouraging people to donate would simultaneously tell them how generous and thoughtful your business is.

That’s a great plan in and of itself, but you can do better. Keeping the restaurant chain scenario, why not offer your employees paid time to work in their local soup kitchens and food pantries? Share pictures of them across social media and watch the positive buzz come rolling in. This way, you get to show how considerate you are, and the charities get publicity from a national brand along with some real chefs in the kitchen!

Get Giving
As you wrap up the year, you shouldn’t be asking yourself whether you should be generous or have a successful business. When you do it right, you don’t have to choose! Use my advice to make sure your national business is humanizing itself by giving back in December!

Do you want some individualized help with your social media marketing? Just set up a free consultation with The Go! Agency!

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3 Actionable Tips for Making Holiday Canvas Ads

101518 3 Actionable Tips for Making Holiday Canvas Ads

If you’ve been keeping up with your social media marketing strategy, you’re probably pretty familiar with Canvas (AKA Instant Experience) ads. These full-screen Facebook ads are optimized for mobile devices and have pretty much become a staple for businesses looking to get their messages out to mobile users.

Even if you’ve been working with Canvas ads since they rolled out in 2016, this holiday season is going to be a little different.

The season already changes the marketing landscape, but Canvas ads have seen some recent updates that are definitely going to impact your strategy. I’m going to walk you through how to create canvas ads that will resonate with your audience over the holidays.

Set Holiday-Specific Goals
Canvas ads do a few things remarkably well: brand-building, generating leads, and improving conversions. Depending on when you start (preferably yesterday), you’ll want to set one of these areas as a metric for measuring the success of your Canvas ads. If your goal is to get holiday sales and you’re starting in November, it’s probably a good idea to skip branding in favor of generating leads.

What you absolutely shouldn’t do is throw a bunch of products onto your viewer’s screen and hope they like the pictures enough to buy. Think strategically. If your goal is generating leads, how do you get people interested enough in your business to visit your site? If you want to drive conversions, what can you show someone who already follows your page that will help them take the leap to making a purchase?

Use Templates
Facebook recently released a handful of Canvas ad templates to help brands better reach specific goals and customize their content. So make use of them! It’s never going to get easier than plugging your content into a user-optimized template! The different options include:

  • Instant Storefront: Pretty much what it sounds like. You highlight your products and give people an easy way to access your site.
  • Instant Lookbook: If you want to sell products with more natural, real-life images, this is the format for you.
  • Instant Customer Acquisition: Have a sale you want to promote? This one is set up to draw in customers with deals and clear CTAs.
  • Instant Storytelling: This is the only item on this list more oriented toward branding than conversions. Here, you use visuals to help new customers get a sense for your brand and start considering how you can meet their needs.

These layouts are going to make sure your customer is discovering your content in a way that feels organic and on-brand for your business. Nobody will scroll through endless pictures of boat engines, but they might be willing to browse through a well-designed catalogue.

Try the New Overlays
Get your viewers into the season! Facebook is offering marketers new ways to present their businesses by using holiday-themed overlays on ads. What’s the appeal? Other than being an aesthetic choice to better match the season, a holiday overlay can help your audience get into a mindset of holiday shopping, which could vastly improve your odds of getting a conversion.

As an example, you might use the Instant Storefront template along with an overlay of ice and snow around the border to better sell your line of winter coats.

Think of these overlays as tools to give your audience a more immersive experience. Get creative! Put your viewer in the mindset of a holiday shopper, and they’ll spend like one!

Get Innovative
This is not the time to rest on your laurels or use the same old strategies that worked for you over the summer. Retail spending goes up substantially during the holidays, and you can’t afford to pass up on those profits! Use these tips to make sure your Canvas ads are connecting with people in the right way to help you accomplish your marketing goals.

Don’t sweat it if you need some extra help with your holiday Canvas ads. Just set up a free consultation with the Go! Agency!

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Harness The Holidays On Social Media (And Not Just The Big Ones)


Do you hear that? That’s the sound of the massive marketing machines revving their engines. The holiday season is about to go into full swing, and if you don’t have your marketing strategy in play by now, you better get a move on. But holiday engagement isn’t only exclusive to late November to the beginning of January. Far from it….

Did you know March 11th is World Plumbing Day? What about the fact that May 15th is Chocolate Chip Day? I bet you didn’t know that June 30th is Social Media Day! I’m not trying to impress you with trivia, but rather trying to emphasize that every day is a holiday, which is quite significant news for marketers. Every single industry, field and profession have days to celebrate. A little bit of research (or a knowledgeable social media marketer) can go a long way in letting you know how to use one of these bizarre holidays to your marketing advantage.

You may find that some days are just silly. For instance, Particularly Preposterous Packaging Day may not be your cup of tea. (It’s on August 7th if you want to know). Instead, use content like On This Day In History, local events, and even birthdays to make the most mundane days something special.

It’s the gift of a marketer to spin “blah” into “spectacular.” These holidays will be able to help! Never look at a blank space in your social media marketing schedule the same way again!

Contact us today to learn how to spice up your ordinary days!

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#Boo! 5 Ways To Spook Up Your Social Media Marketing


It’s October, and you know what that means! Ghosts, goblins, and poorly chosen Halloween costumes. But this spooky season isn’t just for trick or treaters. Marketers have a gold mine of marketing potential just waiting to be utilized. Here are the best ways to have hauntingly good engagement:

1. Frightening fun. All Halloween festivities aside, it’s a very busy time of year. The school year is in full swing, people are preparing for the big holiday season to hit in just a month, and business ramps up quickly. A dose of fun may be enough to make your followers smile and drum up engagement. Whether it’s DIY decor, costumes, or party ideas, you can’t go wrong!

2. Spooky sales. Like Christmas, Independence Day, Columbus Day, Mother’s Day, and Groundhog Day, companies’ default response to a holiday is a sale. But with social media, you can liven things up. Change the sale’s focus every day, utilize flash sales, make social media exclusive offers, etc. Keep in mind that you should be posting at least twice a day, so use that to your advantage.

3. Show off your monsters. Did your employees dress up for the holiday? Take lots of pics and upload them to your favorite social media platforms. It’s a great way to add some humanity to your business (even if they are dressed as monsters).

4. Horror Hashtags. Of course, #HappyHalloween will be at the top of the charts on the 31st. But don’t just stick with the obvious. Sometimes, unique hashtags are more effective. Do your research and see what’s trending this year. This may be the time for some “in the moment” posting as opposed to scheduling.

5. Ghostly Imagery. I don’t mean you should share a pic from Ghost Hunters. Instead, be sure to incorporate holiday-themed visuals. If your graphic designer is handy, you can even add a bit of Halloween flair to your logo or profile picture.

It’s not only easy to get into the spirit, it’s smart too. Social media marketers love huge holidays like Halloween because a massive amount of people are celebrating, which means they’re looking for content. Dive in… if you dare!

Do you have the holiday blues? Don’t let another holiday season go by without the right social media strategy. Jump on board before it’s too late!

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Hashtag Your Holiday! Why The Calendar Is Your Social Media Friend


Happy Fourth of July! As Americans celebrate their Independence Day, fireworks will set off, hot dogs will be grilled, and beer will be slurped all throughout the fifty states. Meanwhile, our fun moments will be documented online via social media. These are the kind of days social media was made for! We will see tweets upon tweets of firework videos and Facebook status updates wishing America a  Happy Birthday in the coming hours. Guess what? Your business needs to join in the fun.

Social media marketing rocks holidays. They bring inspiration to the writers, deliver a massive amount of content, and by using appropriate hashtags, your posts will show up on a whole lot more screens than traditional content. By acknowledging a special time which customers are most likely participating in, you will be showing the humanity of your company which is a key goal in social media marketing. You want to be involved in the community you are reaching out to.

Of course, Independence Day isn’t the only holiday and each festive time brings its unique array of content curation ideas. When December rolls around, you are in for some holiday overload so a nice balance of holiday-centric posts and business-centric updates will give your audience room to breathe. You should not ignore a holiday, even if you are a bit of a Scrooge. Every year, Google catches heat for not acknowledging Easter Sunday with their Google Doodles. You don’t want that kind of publicity.

There are also holidays beyond those that the Post Office acknowledges. Each industry has awareness months and niche holidays that pertain to its demographic. They can range from events like Breast Cancer Awareness Month (which is October) and National Ice Cream Day (which is coming up on the 17th! Get your scoopers ready). No joke, every single day is a holiday, sometimes two or three of them on the same day. A little bit of research will give you a plethora of things to celebrate.

From a strict business sense, you should use social media marketing to take advantage of holiday shopping rushes. Between Black Friday specials to Back to School sales, the Sunday Paper inserts have nothing on a boosted Facebook post. So, get your Santa hat on and light those sparklers, because your business will benefit from participating in these special fun days.
What holiday posting techniques does your business utilize? Comment below!

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