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The Easy Way to Feature Videos on Your Facebook Page

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Posting your videos on Facebook is by no means a new idea. In fact it has been around nearly since the inception of the site years ago. What we want to focus on here is a Facebook enhancement that helps you present your videos in a more professional and engaging way to your audience.

This feature has benefits for both power and casual users alike. It’s imperative that you have at least one branded video on your social media channels. This video should be one that showcases your company and mission while bringing your brand to life.

Let’s get started going through these elements. Go to your Facebook Page and in the navigational tab directly underneath your cover image, you will see either the VIDEO tab or the MORE tab. If it is the VIDEO tab, click on it and meet us at the next step. If you see the MORE tab, click on it and choose VIDEO from the dropdown menu.

Now you will be on the Video screen. The first option that you have is to Create a Featured video. This is beneficial for those with many videos as well as those with just one. Choose the best video that represents your company (especially when viewed by new customers) and set this as your Featured Video. The Featured Video will now show up at the top of the Video page.

The second feature is more interesting to those power users who post tons of videos (or have more than 10 videos posted already): organize your videos into playlists to help people find what they’re interested in.

This is excellent as now your visitors won’t be blinded by an endless stream of videos while they try to make a decision as to what suits their interests best, they can go through the categories and dig into the ones that interest them with more immediacy. So those videos that you love, but are never viewed, will have a better opportunity to shine.

These video features on Facebook give you the opportunity to enhance your uploaded videos and provide a better way of showcasing your content. Whether you have 2 videos or 52, these features will help you organize and present your content in a more professional manner.

Start organizing! If you have any questions, we’re here to help!

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How To Tackle Facebook Video’s Mute Trend


It’s time to crank up the volume – or is it? Over 85% of Facebook video viewers watch their favorite video content on mute. Why is this? Well, to be honest, it’s because people are watching where they shouldn’t be, like in the office, in line at a store or in class. The ethics of WHERE to watch is a different subject entirely. Instead, marketers need to focus on how to accommodate people’s desire to keep things quiet.

There are two main elements that the most popular and engagement-heavy videos possess.

Strong visuals – Okay, so people don’t want to use their smartphone or computer’s speakers. That doesn’t mean your content has to be any less compelling. You can give them quite the spectacle if you know how. If you’re telling a story, make it so dialogue or sounds aren’t needed to successfully relay the message. The best way to do this is a strong focus on action, bright colors, and an obvious focal point.

Captions – If people aren’t listening, you might have to make the message more obvious. Captions are an extremely popular way of executing social media videos. This is especially important for those who are trying to express more complex ideas such as a news story, recipes, or professional tips. This essentially takes away the need for an audio element.

All that being said, no video should be without sound completely. The follower should have the option of enjoying music, narration, or more. Just because many people aren’t watching with the sound pumping, doesn’t mean that everyone likes a silent experience. When picking sound, you should have something people will remember as much as the visual!

Did you know our team of marketers make eye-catching videos for our clients every day? And yes, we have mastered both audio AND visual elements of a video for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Contact us today to see how you can have amazing visuals for your business.

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