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Why You Need to Start a Facebook Group Today

Why You Need to Start a Facebook Group Today

Facebook groups are the hottest new trend in Facebook marketing. But why? What can they do that posting to your Facebook page can’t?

That’s what I’m going to show you.

Here’s everything you need to know about why Facebook groups are the new must-haves for your Facebook marketing strategy.

Better Organic Reach
Facebook has been killing business’ organic reach for years. Your posts just aren’t seen by as many people anymore; that’s where Facebook groups come in.

These present a new opportunity to engage with people interested in your industry. You get a new platform to share blogs, link to your website, and share industry tips. For example, if your company sells cosmetics, it’s in your best interest to start a makeup-lovers group where you can connect with people who care about your products.

And Facebook groups are free, people! There’s simply no reason to pass up on organic reach. Even if it’s a little more time put into your marketing strategy, it’s going to pay off when you’ve got a thriving group of potential customers who are taking cues from your brand.

Increased Brand Authority
The key to any good Facebook group is engaging conversation. But who starts that conversation? Most often that falls to the group owner, which in this case will be your business.

When you’re guiding the conversation, people will look to you for new topics about your industry: trends, best practices, etc. And that’s GREAT for your business!

You want people to look to your brand as an authority. It not only means that they’ll trust your brand, but they’ll trust your products/services, too. They’ll be more likely to make purchases from your business, recommend you to friends, etc. It pays to have people trust your brand’s expertise!

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Free, Round-the-Clock Advertising
The benefit of groups isn’t just that you can talk to people who join—groups give businesses free advertising.

When someone is in a group, they’ll get suggestions for other groups based on their interests and what groups their friends are participating in. That means that your brand’s group is going to come across newsfeeds all the time without you paying a dime! And since these recommendations are targeted, you’re likely to grow your Facebook group without ever asking people to join.

New Prospects
Your Facebook group can be a great tool for growing your prospect list. Just post an opt-in offering (an ebook, a newsletter, etc.) and ask people to submit their email addresses. You’ll be able to email them all of your offerings and track them as they move through your marketing funnel.

While you could theoretically do this with your regular Facebook updates, experience has shown me that this tactic is much more effective in active Facebook groups. If you’ve got a spot where people are engaging with your brand and having conversations about your industry, then you should absolutely use that to pick up a few new prospects!

Receptive Audience for Offerings
When you post a new product, service, or deal onto your Facebook page, you might be a little disappointed by the lackluster reaction. While your Facebook page is sure to have people in your target demographic, they might not be terribly engaged with your business.

Whereas in a Facebook group, people are commenting on your posts and asking you questions. As a marketer, I can’t imagine a better audience for rolling out an announcement. So when you’ve got something new to show off, your Facebook group will be filled with people who can’t wait to try out this new offer!

Don’t Wait
Facebook groups have a ton of benefits for your business to take advantage of, but who knows how long they’ll be there? The time to act is now, so roll up your sleeves and start making your business’ Facebook group!

Not sure what the focus of your Facebook group should be? We’ll discuss it during your free consultation with The Go! Agency!

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The Dying Art Of Facebook Organic Reach


At the risk of sounding old – back in the day, Facebook was a very different place for marketers. Posts had a better chance of reaching the right people organically without boosts. Sure, advertising was still around, but it wasn’t the life force of the platform. Now, it seems like selecting the right avenue in the Ads Manager is almost as important as writing the content itself.

Advertising has become an essential element to Facebook marketing. At the center of this issue is updated algorithms. As you might have noticed, what appears in your timeline is what Facebook thinks you want to see the most, not necessarily what is most recent. Yes, the option of changing the feed results is available, but not many people know or bother with it. The pages you visit the most, the people you converse with often, and topics you like alter your results. This can be good and bad for consumers, but it’s a challenge for marketers, especially those who are just starting out with Facebook.

While advertising’s grasp is hard to escape, marketers can ensure that their content is willing to do some heavy lifting. Appealing visuals, popular hashtags, and interesting news articles can help fight back. In the end, though, Facebook’s infrastructure leaves little choice to marketers. Even if it’s only a few dollars, companies will have to to pay something.

There is a good side to this. Once you decide that advertising is necessary, your page will benefit. It’s not a scam. Your marketing team will be happy with what Facebook does for your content. Once Mark Zuckerberg’s people have a bit of dough, they will take care of you. Not only will your numbers be what organic reach used to be able to do, but you will also have a unique advantage. We see advertising’s growth for various reasons, yet the most significant is that the platforms understand that businesses are thriving due to their social media efforts. With literally billions of people watching, it’s easy to make an impact. For it to keep being easy, they need a little bit of payment.

What do you think of Facebook advertising? Comment below!

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