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How To Save Your Failing Facebook Page


Is your business struggling to make its mark on the web? Social media has proven to be the most effective avenue for online brand awareness, and Facebook is the best platform to find your perfect audience. With nearly 2 billion people actively logging in via desktops and mobile apps, a company can quickly stand in the limelight! But what if your content is putting your audience to sleep?

While over 50 million businesses use Facebook, not all manage their profiles correctly. Are your posts preventing you from reaching out? These methods are surefire ways to raise engagement for any business:

Stay consistent with your brand’s signature style and tone. Stay true to the brand that you have already established.

Add a unique social media touch. Don’t just feed them the literature from your brochure – spice it up!

– Invite your audience to participate! It is social media after all. You want people to start talking!

Utilize your industry’s community. Share material such as news, quotes, and trending topics that will grab your readers’ – and potential customers’- attention.

Did you know that The Go! Agency expertly manages hundreds of Facebook accounts on a daily basis? Our staff is certified and trained in the most effective marketing techniques and researches what online audiences respond to the most. On a daily basis, we fine-tune our strategy so every client reaches its full potential. Isn’t it time you stand out on the internet?

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Don’t Wait To Make Your Social Media Marketing Plan


The world of social media is not the place to be unprepared. Yes, the time may come when you have to publish a post on the fly as a situation unfolds, but for the most part, you should have a solid strategy at your content’s core. Planning is what separates success stories and failures when marketers try to tackle the internet.

In the first part of this series, we emphasized the importance of tweaking your approach and assessing what works for your brand. The same ideas apply when trying to devise a plan, only now we are applying them. Here are the six major steps you need to complete.

  • Think of strategizing like a treasure map to your goal. What is the bounty lying under the X that marks the spot? Better customer relations? A wider audience? The ability to promote our company’s events? All of the above? You will need to keep your goals in mind with every step you take.
  • Know your target market. Who is your ideal customer? Every product, whether the seller wants to admit it or not, caters to a particular type of person. To take an advantage of this step, you should create  buyer profiles. Who is your ideal customer? A female in her mid 30s, middle class, who enjoys cycling? Perhaps it’s a senior male who just retired from a long and lucrative banking career? It might seem unnecessary to add the small details, but trust us, these buyer profiles will help you sharpen your content.
  • It’s suggested to have your posts ready to go for the upcoming week. Even if you want to post about subjects that are happening “in the moment”, you can add more in later.
  • Study the calendar. Plan out holiday greetings and upcoming events such as Motivational Monday, Wisdom Wednesday, Friday Feeling, and other daily and trending topics. This all should be supplemented with hashtags or keywords. With this in mind, keep an eye out for fads, pop culture happenings, and news events. Be sure to stay relevant!
  • O.A.R. What is OAR? Observe, Analyse, and Research! After your posts hit the Wild Wild Web, take time out to see how each post performed. Did people click the link? How many comments did it receive? Was it a total dud? You can use analytic tools such as Hootsuite to figure out what your audience is being more receptive to at this time. Be sure to do this on a regimented schedule, because we often see patterns change.
  • There’s nothing wrong with a little spying. Check out what your competitors are doing online. What type of posts is work for them? Obviously, you should never just copy someone’s content, yet you may be struck with inspiration when you see what other professionals share.Now, it’s time to plan! Gather up your social media team and lay out the groundwork for an effective strategy. Stay goal-oriented, knowledgeable about current events, and study which posts work and which didn’t. There are many accounts at the brink of failing that were able to recover by preparing. Alternatively, there have also been successful social media accounts who plummeted due to poor management. As you can see, preparation is key to reaping social media’s rewards.

How do you plan social media planning? Comment below! Be sure to watch out for the third part in this series about how to effectively succeed at social media marketing  and what to avoid!


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Facebook Page Creation 101: The First Steps to Get Started


If you have not already created a page for your business on Facebook, then today is the day!  You’ve probably been kicking around the idea for some time now and are ready, but maybe you are so unfamiliar with how Facebook works that the whole process is extremely daunting.

That’s where I come in.  I want to cover the BASICS of setting up and claiming your company’s Facebook real estate!  Let’s get started:

1. Find and Click the “Create a Page” button.  If you do not have a Facebook account, you will find this option on Facebook.com under the green “Sign Up” button.  If you already have a Facebook account, click the Facebook logo on the top left hand side of the screen (this will take you to your Newsfeed).  On the left hand column you will see “Pages” as one of the sections – click on the word “Pages” or “More”.  This will take you to the main “Pages” section and right at the top you will see the “Create a Page” button.  Just FYI – this button is also at the bottom of every page, but is hard to see as the information keeps populating on each page and pushing it down….so it is a little tricky to catch.

2.  Identify the Type of Business.  Once you click “Create a Page” you will be taken to the new page that gives you 6 business-type options to choose from.  These include:

  • Local Business of Place
  • Company, Organization or Institution
  • Brand or Product
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community

Choose which of these describes your business the best.  My tip here is that some companies will have trouble deciding between Local Business or Place and Company, Organization or Institution.  My rule of thumb?  If you would like people to come into your location to purchase or do business, always choose Local Business or Place.  If you only have one location, but serve a national or international audience, choose Company, Organization or Institution.

3.  Choose Category and Add Company Name.  Once you click on the type of business, you need to choose a specific category for your business.  There is a drop-down menu where once you click, you will get a myriad of options.  The problem many companies have at this stage is that these categories can be a bit broad and not specific enough.  This means that you need to think bigger and really consider which of the categories fits you best.  Once you choose, add your company name in the space provided, check the box next to “I agree to Facebook Pages Terms” and click the “Get Started” button.

4.  3 Step Company Set Up. The next page will give you 3 prompts:

  • About
  • Profile Picture
  • Facebook Web Address

First is About.  You will need to add a description of your business.  This will show up under your logo when your page is live.  My top tip is to add a short description AND your full website to this.  So for example your website should look like this “http://citsprojects.in/clientprojects/thegoagencyusa” and not like this “www.thegoagencyusa.com”.  This will enable your website to be clickable directly from your homepage later.  Keep this BELOW 150 characters (including spaces) and all of the information will display properly.  Next, in the place where you can add you website – add ALL of your online links, exactly as shown above.  Add one at a time and then click the button next to the box that says “Add Another Site”.  This will give you another box to type in your next online hub.  Here are ours as an example – make sure that you type them EXACTLY as they appear in your browser bar: “http://citsprojects.in/clientprojects/thegoagencyusa http://www.twitter.com/thegoagency http://www.pinterest.com/thegoagency https://plus.google.com/b/110954320424153293004/110954320424153293004/posts http://www.linkedin.com/company/the-go-agency”

Then specify if your company is real and suitable for the category you choose on the previous screen and that you will be the official representation of your company on Facebook.  Once you have done this, click Save Info.

Now it is onto your profile picture, which is actually your company logo.  You want to make sure that this is sized to 200 x 200 pixels.  You must FIRST do this formatting before you upload.  Once you have your logo formatted, click “Upload From Computer”, choose file from your computer, wait for it to appear in the empty box and then click “Next”.

Now you must choose your Facebook Web Address.  There are two suggestions that I have for this: either use your company name or your website address.  This will make it easy for you to share with other people and for others to easily find you.  My only caveat is that if you are called “McKinney and Sons Plumbing” and your website address is “www.brokenpipesrus.com” I’ll suggest going with your company name.  It is up to you, but impossible to change later – so really have a good think before you choose.  If you need some more time to think, you can click Skip and do it later from your Admin panel.  If you are able to decide on one, add it and click “Set Address”.

And you are done!  You have just created your first Facebook Page!  Now I would suggest taking the tour that Facebook provides and begin diving in deeper to your setup options.  I have written many articles here about different ways to enhance your Facebook Business Page – so make sure to check these articles out to learn more about how to really brand yourself on Facebook and begin finding and engaging with your target market!

Welcome aboard!

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