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The Top 5 Holiday Content Marketing Tips You Need To Know

120919 The Top Holiday Content Marketing Tips You Need To Know

Content marketers and designers love the holiday season. Unlike the lazy days of summer, there is more than enough inspiration to go around for email marketing, social media, blogging, and any other form of content marketing you can think of.

There’s just one catch – there are just so many great ideas out there, there’s not enough time to do them all. Fortunately, we have you covered and we’re exploring the best ideas right here.

  1. Updated festive visuals
    Add a Santa hat to your profile pic, a menorah to your cover image, flashing lights to your Snapchat Story. Above all, make sure your holiday-themed contenthas imagery.
  2. Flash sale
    Have you looked at the calendar lately? It’s a bit too late to do a “12 days of deals” type deal. However, it’s still fair game for quick “limited time” social-media-exclusive sales. These do surprisingly well, especially as many of us procrastinate. Make sure the sale is worth people opening up their wallets for them because a lot of “wish lists” are complete.
  3. Season’s greetings
    Email marketing is a fantastic avenue to send out holiday wishes to your loyal customer base. As always with E-blasts, it is important to send out content that isn’t 100% pushy promotions. A holiday greeting email will do just the trick to make your readers smile and make sure they’re thinking about you when the time to make a purchase comes around.
  4. Pics from the team
    Whether you post (not embarrassing) pictures from your Christmas party or your team reaching out to the community for a volunteer event, this idea adds a healthy dose of humanity to any marketing campaign. This type of content, above all else, should be promo-free.
  5. Content your audience will share
    Cut out some of the promo posts in your content calendar and make room for some wholesome holiday fun. Take the time to write and design content that your audience members will want to share with their friends and family. Festive videos, recipes, craft and party tips are just a few ideas that can generate engagement.

Maybe the holiday season snuck up on you this year, or you’ve been grasping at straws for what to publish. Either way, the above ideas will help you finish your holiday season content marketing on a high note so you can focus on the new year!

Contact us today to help you make design and write the kind of engaging content you need this holiday season.

Editor’s Note: This blog has been updated and republished to reflect current information. The article was cleaned up, recommendations were reassessed, and references refreshed.

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3 Things You Should Be Doing on LinkedIn But Aren’t

041519 Go Blog_ 3 Things You Should Be Doing on LinkedIn But Aren't (1)

The reason that so many otherwise great local businesses fail on LinkedIn is that they’re not really sure what to do. They look at Google publishing white papers and Wal-Mart rolling out national promotional campaigns, and they’re not really sure what their role is on the platform. Lucky for you, I’ve got the answer.

I’m going to cover what your local business should be posting on LinkedIn and how you should be posting it. Let’s catch you up on the LinkedIn strategies you’ve been missing!

Say Something Meaningful
As a local business, you don’t have the reach or the bottomless resources of a Fortune 500 company. But what you do have (hopefully) is a point of view. You’re working in your industry every day—use that knowledge to offer insight that only you can provide!

One tactic that The Go! Agency uses for our clients is to curate content then share it with something meaningful attached. So if you were a fashion boutique, you might share a post about a runway in Paris with your thoughts about the styles.

“But Christopher!” You say, “I don’t want people to care about that fashion show in Paris, I want them to care about my local business!”

Think bigger picture. Sure, the article isn’t about how great your business is, but it shows that you know what you’re talking about when it comes to fashion. It establishes you as an authority, so that when people in your area are looking at your LinkedIn page, they’re impressed and interested in your brand.

There’s more to succeeding on LinkedIn than just having a point of view, though. You need to say it before people get bored.

Make It Quick
On every social media platform, users are scrolling through their feeds, paying (at most) half attention to what they’re looking at. That means you have to spit it out!

No matter how good your insight is, I promise you that nobody wants to read an essay before they even get to the article you’re sharing. Keep your LinkedIn posts to two short sentences AT THE MOST. If you can manage it, fewer than 100 characters is ideal.

While this does limit the nuance you can give in your posts, it also makes it easier for people to see what you’re talking about. That means more engagements, more connections, and more business opportunities going forward. Save the long-form content for the blogs and make sure that your LinkedIn updates will actually get read!

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Join Relevant Groups
If you’re not joining LinkedIn groups, you’re missing a great opportunity to connect with people who would engage with your business. If you’re a salon, join some beauty groups! If you’re a restaurant, join a group for foodies! Whatever industry you’re in, there is going to be a LinkedIn group for your business.

Once you get in these groups, don’t be silent. Strike up some conversations! The key word here is “conversations,” though. You can’t just post constantly in the same group and hope that people will engage with you. Not only is that ineffective, but it’s a great way to get banned by a moderator for spamming the group.

Instead, like and comment on other people’s posts in the group. If you’re engaging with their content, they’re likely to reciprocate and send some attention your way. Just be sure to do the same when someone likes or comments on one of your posts!

Use This Advice ASAP
I’ve seen countless small businesses fail to use these best practices on LinkedIn—don’t be one of them! Starting today means you’re late, so hop on this train before you miss your chance for your small business to succeed on LinkedIn.

Could you use some more advice on how to succeed on LinkedIn? Schedule your free consultation with The Go! Agency!

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The Easy Way to Feature Videos on Your Facebook Page

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Posting your videos on Facebook is by no means a new idea. In fact it has been around nearly since the inception of the site years ago. What we want to focus on here is a Facebook enhancement that helps you present your videos in a more professional and engaging way to your audience.

This feature has benefits for both power and casual users alike. It’s imperative that you have at least one branded video on your social media channels. This video should be one that showcases your company and mission while bringing your brand to life.

Let’s get started going through these elements. Go to your Facebook Page and in the navigational tab directly underneath your cover image, you will see either the VIDEO tab or the MORE tab. If it is the VIDEO tab, click on it and meet us at the next step. If you see the MORE tab, click on it and choose VIDEO from the dropdown menu.

Now you will be on the Video screen. The first option that you have is to Create a Featured video. This is beneficial for those with many videos as well as those with just one. Choose the best video that represents your company (especially when viewed by new customers) and set this as your Featured Video. The Featured Video will now show up at the top of the Video page.

The second feature is more interesting to those power users who post tons of videos (or have more than 10 videos posted already): organize your videos into playlists to help people find what they’re interested in.

This is excellent as now your visitors won’t be blinded by an endless stream of videos while they try to make a decision as to what suits their interests best, they can go through the categories and dig into the ones that interest them with more immediacy. So those videos that you love, but are never viewed, will have a better opportunity to shine.

These video features on Facebook give you the opportunity to enhance your uploaded videos and provide a better way of showcasing your content. Whether you have 2 videos or 52, these features will help you organize and present your content in a more professional manner.

Start organizing! If you have any questions, we’re here to help!

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5 Creative Ways To Share Data On Social Media


When my team and I work on our clients’ social media marketing campaigns, we know that balance is a big factor in our success. Whether you’re talking about balancing text and images, promo and news, or curated and original content, everything has to be just right. It’s all part of the job. But one aspect that many companies fail to execute correctly is educational VS entertaining posts. Things end up leaning much heavier towards the “fun” side of content because of two reasons. 1- They think it will gather more engagement. 2 – Well, they don’t know how to do it right. But, we do! 

So, here’s a secret from the pros. Educational and fact-based content have proven to be some of the most engaging material on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. In 2016, the most popular posts were in fact-based industries. Here are the most popular strategies for spreading the wealth of knowledge with your followers: 

1. Infographics. There’s nothing quite like a ton of pictures to make a complicated concept more understandable. The truth is, visuals always help us learn. That’s why infographics are so effective. You can transform large concepts into digestible chunks that are accompanied by interesting graphics.

2. Videos. Video is dominating social media right now. Sure, when we think of internet videos, we think of funny cats running around or how-to recipe guides. But you could actually utilize the video medium to explain a complicated educational subject. Captions are your friend in this instance, as you can add to the visuals. Now with live videos, you can offer your followers tutorials and lessons “in the moment” and answer their questions immediately.

3. Blog. Blogging continues to reign supreme as one of the most effective ways to inform your followers about important concepts and topics. Blogging is a fantastic companion to your social media marketing efforts as it will establish your brand in a professional light and give you a whole slew of original content. 

4. Trivia and Did You Know? Keeping information simple and sharing it in the form of a trivia tidbit or a #DidYouKnow post will keep your audience’s attention with a short, simple post. They won’t have to spend much time with this content, but they will still learn something big. 

5. Content curation. As always, it’s important to share other’s work from your online community. But it doesn’t have to begin and end with what they’ve said. You can comment in the form of Quote Tweeting or simply share your thoughts as a Facebook comment. 

As you can see, it’s time to face facts – you need to create and share educational content! Social media isn’t just about fun material or even promotional marketing. Serious content like blogs, videos, and infographics will attract a significant amount of engagement and in the long run, conversions.

Contact us today to learn more about our work in the social media marketing industry! 

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The 4 Ingredients To Cutting-Edge Social Media Content

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Creating new content for social media marketing can be a challenge if you’re not a professional. Once you’ve ticked off the obvious topics in your industry, you may find it a bit of a struggle to come up with new ideas

It doesn’t seem to get any easier either. The more you write, the less there is to write about. 

The upside is that this creative chasm can challenge you to come up with more engaging content that isn’t on every other website in your industry. The downside is that coming up with ideas takes a little more work.

Below are a few exercises and routines we follow to keep ourselves inspired. To lessen the work of idea creation.

1.  Start with an image

Whenever we make a piece of content, we also make an image afterward. Whether it’s a blog post or a social media update, once the copy is done, we move on to the picture.

But who says the copy has to come first? 

Sitting down to create an image without any copy to restrict you is a great way to find some inspiration. Once the image is done, you can allow that to inspire your copy.

Ask yourself, “What type of article would this image be good for?” 

2. Read

A good writer is also a good reader. 

We write about marketing, so we also read a lot about marketing. News articles, emails, blogs, social media posts, and books. Reading the views of others in our industry keeps us in the conversation and aware of current trends. 

But we also dip outside of marketing too. Marketing, like many other industries, is something that can be relevant to many other areas.

Whenever we find out about a new idea or a new trend, we wonder, “Can this be applied to marketing?” This can often lead to inspiration for content.

Could the last book you read apply to your industry in some way? Does a trend in the news also point to something in your own industry?

If the answer is yes, you’ve got something to write about.

3. Take your time and forget about inspiration

Inspiration is the strangest thing. The more you try to grasp it, the further it seems to be. 

One exercise we often do on team building days is we ask our Go! Agents to come up with an interesting fact about themselves.

Most of the time no one is able to think of anything. They’re stumped! All of our staff are creative and interesting people, so why is it so hard for them to come up with something?

The issue is, no one likes to be put on the spot. When you try to force yourself to come up with an idea, that’s exactly what you’re doing.

Our best ideas happen when we’re not trying to come up with them at all. When we’re driving home, taking a shower or just before we go to bed.

It’s good practice to carry a notepad with you so you can collect ideas when inspiration strikes. Even when your deadline is weeks away.

As counter-productive as it seems, not thinking about coming up with an idea makes ideas appear on their own.

4. Revisit old content

After my last tip, I’ve either got you nodding your head, or I’ve completely lost you. You might be frantically screaming at your monitor, “BUT I NEED AN IDEA RIGHT NOW!”

When this happens to us, we always find it’s good to revisit our old content. Creating content that is a direct response or follow-up to old content can be a winner.

One thing we like to do is find our most popular older content and write another post that expands on it. If lots of people loved your post about skincare tips, chances are they’re hungry for more!

The best thing about this is you’re giving your audience more of what they want. So your content is defined by others instead of yourself.

Completely stumped on how to turn your content around? Contact us today to learn how we can help your company put out consistently great content!

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5 Big Brand Social Media Secrets For Small Businesses

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Earlier this week we published a blog showcasing five of today’s biggest brands and their unique approaches to social media marketing. We closely looked at how their creativity improved their relationships with their customers in the process. Today, we are going to further dive into how huge brands, ones that we all know and love, find success on social.

But before we dive into these strategies, you should know something. When we say a “big-brand approach” to social media, it is worth noting that even the smallest LLC can accomplish this kind of online traction. It’s all about strategy and positioning your brand as a viable resource online.

So how can a small business that is just finding its footing on the web increase its visibility? After all, big brands such as Burger King or Hulu already have an international reputation to utilize. How could someone like Mari Events in Allentown, PA hope to go viral? It happens every day, and here’s how.

If you want to generate big brand levels of engagement, you need a big brand approach– despite your size. Try these five suggestions and see where it takes your brand.

1. Make good original content. Go on any social media account of a major brand and you will see a steady stream of original content. High-quality pictures, videos, and copy pack a powerful punch. Do not underestimate your followers – they know good content when they see it. Make sure yours stands tall on the web. 

2. Spend money to make money. Here’s the hard truth – you are going to need to invest into some social media advertising, whether it is on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The good news is that you can quickly see its impact on engagement as promoted and advertised content has the potential to reach a large number of prospective customers.

3. Come in with an attitude. What’s the voice of your brand? Whatever it is, keep it consistent. In our previous blog, we spoke about Wendy’s sarcastic, witty, and brazen voice on Twitter which not only attracts millions of followers, but it put its brand in a unique light against its several competitors. While your business may not want to adopt such a spitfire dialogue, you should create a unique approach that is all your own.

4. Understand what the people want. Take a step back and see what people respond to the most. Is it videos? Maybe Q&As? Maybe your audience is a sucker for memes? Whatever your audience responds the best to, develop it and you’ll continue to grow a following. 

5. Have a soul. While all brands have the common goal of making money and creating engagement, a bit of humanity can go a lot further than a promotional post ever could. Showcase an employee, contribute to a charity, show support for the people that make your brand great.

Social media is an amazing opportunity for brands to present themselves in a professional and attractive light. If you are trying to go for the gold and reach big brand levels, try these five strategies.

We can give the big-brand treatment to your brand. Contact us today to get started! 

Click here to learn more: http://ow.ly/z6PP30jBd5f

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The 5 Social Media Marketing Strategies That Boost Transparency

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How has social media marketing changed business? In more ways than you can count. The most significant though, for better or for worse, is that it increased transparency enormously. 

If you run a restaurant that offers bland plates and rude service, social media may be a nuisance for you. If you manage an A/C Heating service and you overcharge your customers, it will most certainly pop up around the web. However, if you run an honest business and do your best to produce quality service and products, the internet is an amazing place that you can really shine and reach new people….. if you let it.

The truth is, as long as your business is run right, you should want your brand to be as transparent as possible — and social media marketing has the ability to do this if you keep in mind the following 5 elements. Not only will they allow your business to have a better transparency, but your customer relationships will become so much better.

1. Communication. You don’t want to be a “mute brand.” Yes, you’re sending out content multiple times a day, but if a customer responds to you, it’s vital that you respond quickly. Remember the 3 “P’s” when you are talking with your customers – positive, prompt, and productive. 

2. Influence. Take time to find online influencers in your market with quality audiences who would be interested in your products or services. Connect and build relationships with those individuals. By doing so, you are branding yourself as an authority in your respective market. 

3. Quality connections. Quality or quantity? It’s better to have quality, focused content versus thousands of online connections, reading your content just once, then disappearing. On the other side of this, you need to be a quality connection yourself by sending out worthwhile content. 

4. Consistency. Don’t create a few batches of amazing content and then disappear. This means constantly publishing content and participating in online conversations. Your followers need reasons to stay by your side. Give them what they want. 

5. Branding. Show off your marketing skills with consistent branding, color, tone, messages, and mission. This is absolutely necessary as you expand your voice across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and much more. 

Are you less than confident in your approach to social media marketing? You don’t have to be, contact us today! We’re here to help you make your mark and hit your targets. 

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6 Social Media Content Ideas That Gets An Audience Talking

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“We value your opinion!” We’ve all heard that one before. Sometimes, we just don’t have time to bother with providing feedback to companies. Thankfully, social media allows some convenient and even fun ways for consumers to give their opinion. Check out these ways you can gather tons of info to analyze. 

1. Polls. There’s no easier way to get the feedback your team is looking for than to ask for it! Whether the options in the poll are “Yes,” “No,” “Maybe,” or options “A,” “B,” or “C,” many marketers feel this is one of the most efficient routes.

2. Contests. Of course, incentives go a long way. You can ask for some feedback, and in turn, they are entering for a chance to win a prize. The prize doesn’t even need to be extravagant, but perhaps one of your products or gift cards to a service your company provides.

3. Inquiries. Once your following starts to grow, you can publish posts that will drum up conversations. After all, we are trying to create engagement, and someone needs to break the ice first!

4. Announcements. As always, there is the ever-popular comment section. When you make an announcement, whether it’s a new product or change in policy, check out people’s reactions through comments, likes, rants, cheers, emojis, etc. 

5. Live Video Q & A’s. Lately, businesses have been getting a lot of feedback by hosting Q&A sections via live video services such as Facebook Live, Periscope, and YouTube Live. As your broadcast goes on, you can read what everyone is saying in the comment section. 

6. Custom Hashtags. Hashtags are still an excellent way to hone in on specific information. People will use hashtags for everything they’re talking about even if it’s in a negative light. If you want people to talk about your product, provide a hashtag that corresponds with your brand. 

People love to talk on social media. Whether it’s about a positive or negative experience, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms have become a sounding board for opinions, thoughts, and feedback. Use this to your business’s advantage! 

Contact us today to see how we can get you the best possible feedback via social media marketing! 

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The 6 Most Effective Forms of Email Marketing

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If the holiday season will teach you about anything, it will give you a crash course in email marketing. You most likely woke up today with dozens of ads trying to entice you to purchase an item. You might have rolled your eyes at one or two of them but chances are you actually were interested in a few of them. 

Email marketing is helpful because it’s a direct punch to your audience. They have to acknowledge the email (especially if they want to get rid of that notification on their smartphone). But here’s the thing — your email has to be actually good enough for people to read it and become interested in what you’re marketing. 

To win at the email marketing game (or at least get started), check out the following types of campaigns that will catch your reader’s eye:

1. Newsletters. If your brand has a lot to say, then a newsletter is a great way to share your recent news, events, and updates. Newsletters should have enticing articles about your industry and how your company is making an impact. 

2. Personalized approach. You often see this type of marketing in industries that closely work alongside clients. Thanks to email marketing software, you insert their name and fashion the copy in a way that makes it sound like you’re actually talking to them- even though thousands received the same message. It can be a bit tricky, but it’s a great way to approach lead generation. 

3. Sales / coupons. Widely considered the type of email marketing that has the highest click rate, coupons delivered via email will guide customers down the path of conversion quite quickly.

4. Event invitation. Do you have a big party coming up? Let everyone know via social media and reinforce your message through your email marketing. That’s the best part about email, it strengthens your other channels quite effectively.

5. Contests. There’s nothing easier than delivering a sweepstakes to someone’s inbox and in a few clicks, they have a chance to win a big prize.

6. eBooks and freebies. Offer a free piece of content through your website and social media. The only thing they have to do is enter their email and boom– free stuff digitally delivered in their inbox. Of course now they will receive everything else you send out, but that should be a good thing if they enjoyed your content.

Have you received a piece of email marketing in the timeframe it took you to read this article? If so, look at how that company takes on social media marketing and see if their angle can help out your business with the above ideas in mind.

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5 Secrets To Writing Engaging Social Media Posts

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Ever since the early days of the newspaper, people have studied the power of the headline. Writers carefully selected each word so their paper would pull in readers. Social media marketing has evolved this concept. Thankfully, we don’t need people shouting “Extra!” on street corners. Instead, we have to make sure our updates are noticeable on the web.

Internet communications changed the way we write and promote our brands. What strategies work the best for social media users? The following five types of updates are sure to pull in readers! 

1. Lists. Whether your post is “Top 10 Restaurants in Nashville” or “The 5 Most Important Documents For Estate Planning”, people love lists. They are easy to read and get right to the point. 

2. Definitions and industry terms. Does your industry have specific terminology? Teach them to the audience! For example, “The Legal Terms You Need To Know!” is an excellent way to spread a wealth of knowledge. 

3. Casual tone. Today’s consumer likes a casual and conversational tone for marketing. “Check out these…”, “Come see our…” further strengthen your brand’s approachable feel.

4. Questions. “Could These Foods Help With Alzheimer’s?” Crafting a social media post in the form of a question is always a good way for readers to click and search for the answer.

5. Powerful vocabulary. Finally, no matter what way you craft your message, your words need to pack a punch. Don’t waste room on weak words. Instill a sense of urgency and importance. 

Does your marketing team have writer’s block? Contact us! Our copywriting department will be able to craft your brand’s message into a professional and effective piece of marketing. 

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