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How Should A Business Use Hashtags?


An essential element of social media marketing is to spread your content as far as possible. To achieve this goal, we have hashtags as a handy tool. We’re firm believers of hashtags, as we’ve seen them significantly improve a content’s reach. That being said, these little guys need to be used in the right away. Hashtags are easy to learn but can take some finesse to master. Here are the best ways to make the famous internet tool work for you!

Know your platform’s limits. Do you think all the social media platforms are the same? Think again. The way each site uses hashtags is completely different. You should not use more than three for Facebook. There isn’t a limit on Twitter, but you still have that 140 character limit hanging over your head. LinkedIn and Pinterest don’t use hashtags at all, rather utilize keywords. Instagram, on the other hand, is the king of hashtags. Be professional, but 10-15 hashtags max is recommended.

Do your research. A hashtag will only do its job if someone is actually looking for it. You need to figure out what is trending. Luckily, you have tools. Facebook and Twitter both have trending sections that allow you to see what all the buzz is about at the time.

Don’t be too specific. #FacebookSocialMediaMarketing may not get as many hits as #Facebook, #SocialMedia, #SocialMediaMarketing and #Marketing. Getting is just right is key for hashtags.

Don’t be too broad. On the opposite side of things, you want to make sure your hashtag isn’t going to drown in a sea of the same. #California may work, but if you are trying to get San Diego residents to pay attention, #SanDiego will work better. Otherwise, people who are looking for things pertaining to San Francisco may also see your post and it will be a waste.

You need a little bit of imagination, research, and common sense to master hashtags. The symbol that used to be called the pound symbol is now your best friend in the social media world, but you need to know how to use them!

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Does Your Business Use Evergreen Content On Social Media?


Why do we like the news? Because we have a need to stay informed about what’s happening in the world. Why do we like books? Because we like timeless information and narration. This alone shows that you need content that is both time-sensitive and “evergreen” for your social media marketing. Does your company’s page have that balance?

Content that will never expire, or evergreen content, is crucial for high engagement rates and legitimacy to your brand. We’re not just talking about stone-cold facts from textbooks (although those would definitely count as evergreen content). This type of content simply needs to stand the test of time. A mission statement, code of ethics, tried and true details about your industry, promotional materials, etc.

Companies also need news and time-sensitive material so your brand comes off as informed, involved, and influenced by the events that are happening TODAY. Of course, you don’t need your company to be a mirror image of a news channel. You can also add timely things like holidays, trends, and pop culture.

Now, why would a business’ social media page need both? Because that’s how the internet works. It’s a constant flow of fleeting and forever content. We see it every day without even realizing it. Trending items deliver a powerful boost to your social media marketing, while evergreen content is your core. Without one or the other, your content strategy will be incomplete.

At The Go! Agency, we take extra efforts to strike just the right balance of these two categories of content. Our clients deserve to have every reward social media has to offer, and it’s the marketer’s duty to accomplish that.

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5 Ways To Save A Dying Social Media Page


It’s kind of ironic- transparency is one of the best parts about social media, and the most frustrating. When things aren’t working the way they should, the lack of engagement shows up like a red flag. While social media has proven to be the most effective avenue for online brand awareness, there are times when the online public doesn’t seem to accept you. Still, there’s always hope.

With nearly 2 billion people actively logging onto Facebook alone, it’s never too late to try new tactics and push forward. Even the most successful social media campaigns have to tweak their approach from time to time.

Try the following great ways to shock the life back into your company’s social media efforts.

1. Add new visuals with new colors. Sure, you want to stay consistent with your company’s branding, but the right graphic designer knows how to turn the pre-existing material into something new and exciting. Find a way to create new pictures, videos, live broadcasts, GIFs and more.

2.  Try a different type of post. Perhaps you’ve become too sales-driven and need to add some fun? Or maybe you need to add some blogging? Or quotes? Or recipes? Either way, diversity is a great way to turn heads.

3. Invite your audience to participate! It is social media after all. You want people to start talking! You can do this in the form of polls, quizzes, and other various calls to action.

4. Utilize your industry’s community. Share material such as news, quotes, and trending topics that will grab your readers’ and potential customers’ attention.

5. Advertise! A little bit of advertising will go a long way. A lot of advertising can propel your brand to new heights. Social media marketing isn’t as free as you might originally think, but you will quickly see results in a big way with this method.

Did you know that The Go! Agency expertly manages hundreds of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+ accounts on a daily basis? Our staff is certified and trained in the most effective marketing techniques and researches what online audiences respond to the most. On a daily basis, we fine-tune our strategy so every client reaches its full potential. Isn’t it time you stand out on the internet?

Contact us today to see how The Go! Agency’s team can make Facebook work for you!

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5 Ways Companies Are Using Live Video Right Now

Ok, it’s a new year, and that means new strategies need to be integrated into your marketing plan. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms now feature live video broadcasting capabilities. The social media gods have spoken, and it’s pretty obvious that live video is destined to become an essential cog in the online marketing machine. We’ve already seen huge brands utilize this service and have reported back with big smiles on their faces. It really is effective, and people are flocking to these fun, innovative avenues of communication. So, as you might imagine, it’s time to act for your own business.
To promote their services, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter give prime real estate on their timelines and news feeds to live video broadcasts. Users even get notified when someone goes live. Sounds good, right? Well, first you need to learn what exactly you should do when the cameras start rolling. You can’t just smile and wave to the camera. Well, you could, but your followers will “change the channel” in a heartbeat.
These are the top ways companies have already been using social media live video:
Entertainment. Many people use social media for fun posts. You’ve already incorporated this strategy into your traditional posts (or at least you should’ve), and your live video is no different. Make sure those who star in your videos are fun, personable, and can hold an audience’s attention.
Behind the scenes. If every single company created a behind the scenes video stream, every single broadcast would be different. Show the human side of your business by demonstrating how your team makes everything happen!
Exclusive Unveilings. Many companies use live videos as a way to reveal new products. These new tools are excellent avenues to positive publicity, as well as ways to let your Facebook or Twitter followers feel like they’ve “seen it first.”
A new level of engagement. Sure, customers will get a response through a direct message on social media, but being able to ask the people that are live streaming a question is almost like a face-to-face conversation. Imagine that!
Exclusive deals. Some companies have used this new tool as a special way to reward their loyal customers. They can provide a code for special discounts, or even freebies. It’s just a new way to pull in your community and thank them for their support.

Live video has just begun. More and more companies are being drawn to its potential. Social media is evolving, as it always has. Marketers need to do just that!

Do you have questions about live video? Contact us today to see how you can become an internet movie star!

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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Twitter

Twitter is like a sports car – no excess baggage, lightning fast, and has the ability to turn heads. It’s become one of the central hubs for social media professionals to promote a consistent and contemporary brand to their target demographic. But does your business need Twitter? You better believe it.
Think of Twitter as Facebook’s hyperactive, social butterfly of a cousin. News flies quickly on this platform. When I say quick, I mean like, lightning fast. With over 320 million people logging in, you can see that it’s quite a busy site. Still, many companies think that Twitter isn’t for them. Here’s why your business needs to start flying on this fantastic platform today:
  1. A large, talkative community – As I’ve said, there are hundreds of millions of people that use this site to follow their favorite businesses, celebrities, and those who they know in real life. It’s a powerful tool thanks to its large numbers, but also thanks to these people’s receptiveness. It’s not uncommon for a tweet to receive hundreds of likes and any number of retweets.
  2. Shareability – Retweeting and quote tweeting are two of the most useful social media tools available today. Your content has the ability to go far and wide thanks to Twitter’s chatting community and their tools. If someone likes your stuff, they can share it with all the people that follow them. You can see the potential here, right?
  3. Resources – When our team crafts and curates content for our clients as a whole, Twitter is the first place we look for exciting and engaging content. It’s a gateway to so much knowledge, information, and content that can be used in a plethora of different ways. There’s no question the amount of content shared by reputable sources is one of THE reasons many people go on Twitter.
  4. A fair playing field – Facebook is essential. We all know that. However, their algorithms tend to be a challenge for marketers as we have to work around certain restraints. For Twitter, social media goes back to an even playing field. Your business’s content comes up in the same fashion that everyone else’s does. This isn’t to say that Twitter doesn’t have an algorithm of its own that supposedly helps people see what “they want to see,” but it’s a much easier hurdle to tackle.
  5. Convenience and speed – Twitter allows 140 characters of text and one piece of imagery per tweet. If you’re about to say “I can’t work under these conditions!” you need to change your perspective. This is actually a HUGE benefit for marketers because the message can be delivered quickly before the reader’s attention wanes off.
Twitter has become a central element in social media marketing efforts. It opens up new avenues that other platforms cannot. Marketers need to realize, however, that Twitter marketing is an entirely different animal than Facebook. It requires a quick and powerful message, hashtags, shortened links, and more. Contact us today to let the pros handle your Twitter!

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The 5 Essential Pieces Of A Perfect Social Media Post


Have you ever assembled a piece of furniture? You know when there’s something missing, don’t you? Whether it’s a leg or knob or slab of wood, it’s pretty obvious when things aren’t as they should be. Social media updates are the same. You need certain aspects integrated into the anatomy of the post to make things right. Without them, you will most definitely notice something wrong, even if you can’t pinpoint it. Here are the essential pieces of a perfect social media post:

1. Copy – Obviously, the main skeleton of a social media update is the text-based message. Make sure your writing is professional, snappy, unique, and as “to the point” as possible.

2. Links – Your update should prompt the reader to go deeper, learn more, and ultimately engage with the content. Links should guide your readers to the next natural step and bring them more information and details about your brand’s message.

3. Hashtags – Depending on the platform you’re using, a hashtag is an essential cog in the “social media machine.” Add “#” to a keyword or phrase to help improve search results. #Automotive is ideal for auto repair shops, or #NewYork for those based in the Big Apple. Additionally, you will notice that certain trends pop up via the hashtag tool such as #ManicMondays, #ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) or #QOTD (Quote Of The Day). It’s important to note that Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are the best sites to use this tool on. Others either rarely use them or are not compatible.

4. Tagging- Tagging people or pages is an excellent way to grab their attention. For example, you could add @thegoagency to your tweet, and we would get notified that you’re either talking to us or about us.

5. Imagery – Last but certainly not least, visuals are needed as the final “cherry on top” for social media. Pictures, videos, and GIFs will make the ADD-stricken masses pay closer attention to your updates.

You might not need an instruction manual to make a social media marketing post, but you certainly need to pay attention and focus on the message that you’re trying to convey. If one of these pieces are missing, it will most definitely be noticeable not necessarily in the way the update looks, but rather how it performs.

Contact us today to learn how our social media writers can make amazing posts for your business!

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Social Media: New First Impressions For Businesses


Ah, the pre-social media days…when someone’s first interaction with a business was either asking a friend about their experience or simply using their services or products for themselves. Remember when online reviews were not immediately accessible and you didn’t know what a place of business looked like until you pulled up to it? You even might have had to try out a company on faith alone! Well, social media has changed all that.

It’s a lot harder to pull the wool over consumers’ eyes these days, and that’s great for both customers and honest businesses. A company’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other profiles are representations of its work, customer relations, and good standing within the community.

Customers can share real and honest reviews and add pictures or videos of them using products and services that the business offers. For marketing professionals, this user-generated content is gold. It shows that a free-thinking and unsolicited individual took the time to share their experience with the public. While the thought of people talking about your business online can be daunting, realize that online engagement is that pathway to new eyes, new fans, and more sales.

Beyond customer relations and reviews, social media is the perfect avenue for logistics. The “where, when, why, how, etc.” should all be answered by visiting someone’s Facebook page. A complete and properly executed account has open hours, address, phone number, mission statement, website link, and so much more.

Your posts should also showcase the best of your business. Amongst other posts like news stories, inspirational quotes, and more, you should show off what customers should expect when they use your business. Whether you run a bakery or an investment firm, there’s a place to brag on social media. Most importantly, show the real deal! When clients stop by our office for consulting, training, or classes, they say “wow, it’s just like the pictures on social media!” That’s because we’re proud of our work, and show it in the most accurate light possible. Leave the customer unsurprised (in a good way) when they finally decide to do business with you. 

So, what happens if you choose to forget the whole thing and say social media isn’t for you? First of all, it isn’t going to stop anyone from talking about your brand. You’ll never know what people are saying (even though everyone else will), but most importantly, you won’t be able to respond and offer the professional convenience that comes with online visibility. Additionally, it will be your business seem amateurish and “out of the loop.” It’s a bit of a “head in the sand approach,” right? Just because you refuse to participate in the fastest growing trend in business today doesn’t mean others are. People will be annoyed when they see you’re not anywhere to be found on social media. Trust me, we’ve seen the lack of an online presence become a deal breaker for some companies.

When today’s billions of social media users are in need of a product or service, they use the same sites they use to communicate with their friends and family to discover the best-rated and most prominent companies. Don’t miss out on your chance to stand tall online!

Contact us today to skyrocket your social media marketing company today!

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The 5 Unspoken Rules of Social Media Marketing


It seems like this social media marketing thing just clicks for some people. Their content is perfect, they connect with the best people, there are “likes” aplenty- you get the idea. For others, however, it takes more time and effort. Some people just can’t seem to grasp some of the most elementary concepts when it comes to Facebook, Twitter, and the other platforms. And that’s OK. If anybody – even those who are social media masters – say they’ve learned it all in a single day, they’re lying.

The sad truth is that there isn’t an official “Social Media Marketing How-To Manual.” We’ve all figured out what works and what doesn’t through trial, error, and a TON of hands-on experience.

Luckily, my team and I have been there and done that. I can say that there are many unspoken rules of social media and how things work, but these are without a doubt the most essential. So let’s get started on everything you need to know.

1. Don’t like your own content.
It’s nice to pat yourself on the back every once in a while, but don’t do it on social media. If your only engagement is from yourself, well, that will look a tad pathetic, won’t it?

2. Respond to customers ASAP.
Don’t forget, it’s SOCIAL media. That means these are channels of communications between you and your customers. Keep things positive, informative, and professional.

3. Be involved in the community. Apart from having good customer service, you need to be social in other ways such as sharing other business’s content (as long as they aren’t competitors). You should also be hosting engagement-heavy content like contests, polls, and Q&A sessions.

4. Abide by platform rules. Each social media platform connects people in different ways. LinkedIn is all about professional networking. Instagram is heavily focused on images. Twitter does best with news and current events. Make sure you “do as the Romans do” and shape your content to match what people flock to.

5. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS use an image. It’s been proven time and time again that social media updates do significantly better with some form of visual. Whether you want to use a picture, video, GIF, 360-video, live broadcast, or whatever is next in the world of marketing, you need something to compliment your copy.

So, while there isn’t any go-to manual, these rules are a great starting point for marketers who are trying to hit the ground running with social media. As you abide by these unspoken laws, take the time to plan, write, create, strategize, and revise your methods. Trust me, your efforts will go a long way.

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5 Strategies For Sharing Facts On Social Media Marketing


When my team and I work on our clients’ social media marketing campaigns, we know that balance is a big factor in our success. Whether you’re talking about balancing text V.S. images, promos V.S. news, or curated V.S. original content, everything has to be just right. It’s all part of the job. But one aspect that many companies fail to execute correctly is educational V.S. entertaining posts. Things end up leaning much heavier towards the “fun” side of content because of two reasons. 1- They think it will gather more engagement. 2 – Well, they don’t know how to do it right. But we do!

So, here’s a secret from the pros. Educational and fact-based content have proven to be some of the most engaging material on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. In 2016, the most popular posts were from fact-based industries such as science, medical, or political landscapes. And here you thought it was going to be those silly cat videos! People are taking social media much more seriously these days, which is great news for professionals. Here are the most popular strategies for spreading the wealth of knowledge with your followers:

1. Infographics – There’s nothing quite like a ton of pictures to make a complicated concept more understandable. The truth is, visuals always help us learn. That’s why infographics are so effective. You can transform large concepts into digestible chunks that are accompanied by interesting graphics.

2. Videos – Video is dominating social media right now. Sure, when we think of internet videos, we think of funny cats running around or how-to recipe guides. But you could actually utilize the video medium to explain a complicated educational subject. Captions are your friend in this instance, as you can add important notes to the visuals. Now with live videos, you can offer your followers tutorials and lessons “in the moment.” Live is also a fantastic way to answer customer questions as if you were face-to-face.

3. Blogs – Blogging continues to reign supreme as one of the most effective ways to inform your followers about important concepts and topics. A blog is a fantastic companion to your social media marketing efforts as it will establish your brand in a professional light and give you a whole slew of original content to share on your various accounts.

4. Trivia and “Did You Know?” – Break down a complicated fact into a simple form in the form of a trivia or “did you know?” post. These are a great way to implement a bit of fun into the facts and draw your audience’s attention. They won’t have to spend much time with this content, but they can still learn something big. In other words, a big pay off with not a lot of effort on the follower’s part. Perfect for the average internet user.

5. Content curation – As always, it’s important to share other’s work from your online community. But it doesn’t have to begin and end with what they’ve said. You can share your own thoughts about the subject in the form of Quote Tweeting or comment on the post when you share on Facebook.

As you can see, it’s time to face facts – you need to create and share educational content! Social media isn’t just about fun material or even promotional marketing. Serious content like blogs, videos, and infographics will attract a significant amount of engagement and in the long run, conversions.

Contact us today to learn more about our work in the social media marketing industry!

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6 Steps To Catching Your Viewer’s Gaze On Social Media


We’ve all done it. Scrolling through social media, ignoring some of the more “blah” looking posts is only human nature. But it’s a social media manager’s job to create compelling enough material that followers will stomp on the brakes to take a closer look. Once we get them to pay attention, engagement is the next natural step.

This is exactly why visuals are so important on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. You need that figurative (or literal) red flag to get eyes to lock onto something entertaining, stunning, stimulating, or heart-pumping. We’re not saying you should post an explosion GIF, but something to make the ADD-stricken masses pay attention.

Here are our suggestions on how to get those stunning visuals rocking:

1. Colors – Keep them bright, catchy, and complimentary. If noir photography is your type of thing, then I hope you have an audience for it since the flashier, the better is usually the correct line of thinking. Color is a BIG deal when it comes to marketing and design. Our minds automatically lock onto a vibrant shade or swatch. This is why it’s also important to choose your brand’s colors and stick to them. Consistency is a big deal. For years, Coca-Cola has used the same exact red for everything – and for good reason. People remember it and mentally link it to the famous product. Now go on Coke’s Facebook. Everything’s red, isn’t it?

2. Videos – Whether it’s live or recorded, video is huge in the world of social media right now. Even if they are simply a collection of pictures in the form of an animated slide show, you need some form of video in your content strategy. Videos show up very prominently on social media timelines and feeds, so take advantage of this medium!

3. Original photographs – Take snapshots of your business, employees, products, and more. While repurposing and curating content is an essential cog in the social media machine, you need to have an array of original content as well!

4. LIVE – We briefly mentioned live video above, but it most definitely deserved its own category. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram all offer live services so you can broadcast to your followers in real time. This is a real game-changer, and we’re going to see much more live video integration in 2017.

5. Motion (even if it’s still) – Use action shots in photographs, offer demonstrations in live video broadcasts, add quick-moving animations, etc. Keep things moving and exciting!

6. People- Here’s a secret – people like people. If there’s a way to integrate a real person into your imagery, do it. Even if it’s just someone using your product, it’s worth the extra effort.

7. Text – While you have a whole separate area for text in the “anatomy” of your social media post, compelling copy is a fundamental element of imagery. Keep it simple, concise, and clean.

8. Clarity- Speaking of keeping things simple, people should not have to try to decipher what you’re posting. Do the hard part for them and make things unique, albeit recognizable.

You don’t need to be Dali or Picasso to make people stop in awe of your social media images. But you DO need to put in effort and creativity. Trust me, it’s worth investing your time into creating outstanding images. Your brand’s recognition will increase with each post in which you integrate dazzling visuals.

Contact us today to learn how our graphic design team can help your online marketing!

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