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Is Your Social Media Marketing Company a Good Fit?

Is Your Social Media Marketing Company a Good Fit?

No one should settle for “meh” when it comes to social media marketing companies. Some of those companies just can’t hack it–and make the rest of us look bad in the process. How will you be able to tell that your prospective social media marketing agency is worth the investment? Here are some hallmarks of a good social media marketing firm.

1. The staff members fill specific roles. 

The smaller the firm, the more hats each employee wears. However, great social media marketing companies will have team members with specific jobs (account managers, content writers, graphic designers, etc.). That’s because those companies want these tasks to be completed by people who know what they’re doing. Sure, sometimes an account manager might throw together some graphics as a place holder, or the team will split the duties of a coworker who’s on leave, but generally all roles are clearly defined. 

2. The firm is focused on your long-term success.

You want a firm that looks at the big picture. These firms won’t waste resources on campaigns or tactics that will not have lasting effects. The managers strategize with you on a monthly basis, but with an eye on their annual strategy for your brand. This technique can be slow to take-off, but then will yield steady results. Such social media management companies are proving that they are invested in their clients.

3. Your account reps are accessible and responsive.

(Please note the tacit “within reason.” Few reps will be on-call 24/7/365, unless otherwise stated and even then only in case of an actual emergency.) If you have a question, you can easily reach them for an answer. If you have a problem, they will address it immediately. You should be able to get into contact with the correct person when necessary. On a slightly related note, good firms have low turnover. This is great because it means you will probably keep the same account manager or creative team throughout your relationship with the firm. This also indicates that the firm has good management and reliable employees.

4. They listen to and address your concerns.

A good social media marketing agency will work with you. True, you might disagree with their advice, but they won’t force you to follow it. They will be knowledgeable about your situation and will have researched the challenges facing your industry. They have a vested interest in your success, so they will try to persuade you on the best marketing strategies. Bad social media marketers take the maxim, “the customer is always right,” to an extreme–agreeing with every idea from the client, no matter how wasteful, silly, or damaging.

5. Good social media marketing firms have successful track records.

These agencies proudly display portfolios of previous campaigns and testimonials from satisfied clients. They have nothing to hide. Reputation matters: your agent should be able to provide references upon request.

What do you look for when hiring a social media marketing agency? Tell us in the comments!

How does your current social media marketing firm measure up? The Go! Agency has the digital marketing skills you need to thrive in the modern marketplace! Contact us today for a free consultation!


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The Best Instagram Tools You’re Not Using

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Instagram has cemented itself as the premier social media platform of 2018. Less confrontational than Twitter, less esoteric than Tumblr, and more careful with your information than Facebook, Instagram is attracting users in droves. It is no longer just a collection of latte art, food porn, and bathroom-mirror-selfies: Instagram has risen to the top of the pack for social media marketing opportunities. 

Unfortunately, some brands aren’t taking advantage of all Instagram has to offer. Are you getting the most out of your Instagram account? Today we’ll discuss the features that you should be using (but probably aren’t).


• Following hashtags: Just like on Twitter or Tumblr, you can follow hashtags on Instagram. This will allow you to keep track of trends, influencers, and even your own brand’s hashtags!

• Muting users: Muting allows you to hide people from your feed without actually unfollowing them. This feature is a boon to anyone who is tired of seeing post after post of a friend’s baby (scientific fact: All newborns look like Yoda, no matter what filter you use), but can be equally beneficial to marketers who want to grow their brands! You can follow back without being bombarded with unwanted content.


• Archiving: Instagram Stories are fun yet fleeting–like the bloom of the Arizona’s Queen of the Night cactus, or a Twitter feud. You post a topical, silly, or fascinating video, and it disappears forever after twenty-four hours. Not anymore! Now you can choose to archive Stories, preserving them forever in your profile. Just go to your Insights to find them all. Note: only account owners will be able to see archived Stories.

• Highlighting: Basically, these are curated collections of your archived Stories. Archiving Stories just keeps them in the back end of the app. If you want users to be able to see these Stories again or if you want to organize them into channels, you can create a Highlight channel. Each Highlight contains Stories grouped by theme. Technically, you can decide to group your highlights by any way you see fit (“Stories Featuring a Mike,” “Stories Featuring Mike’s Right Thumb,” e.g.), but theme is your safest bet.


• Descriptions: It is almost ludicrous how many Instagram users waste the opportunity for content marketing. Including hashtags and mentions in descriptions will help users–i.e., potential customers–find you.  

• Filtering Comments: Trolls happen, so do bots, spammers, and lonely Russian singles who would love to chat with you. All of these miscreants will create new accounts as fast as you can block them. Thankfully, you can filter comments on Instagram! Filter according to keywords, phrases, or hashtags. This filter works on the “set it and forget it” principle: these comments are removed automatically.

• Hashtagging: Sometimes 30 tags just won’t cut it. What’s an enterprising user to do? You can repost content using all-new hashtags! Just delete the comment with the old hashtags and post a comment with fresh hashtags.


• Instagram Tutorials: Instagram wants to help you have the best possible experience on its platform. Topics range from improving your profile to building a community. Find these in the Business Settings on the app.

• Utilizing hashtags to build communities: Social media is all about connection, and Instagram is no different. Communities center around common hashtags. These hashtags range from hobbies (#NaNoWriMo#inktober), to interests (#caturday#yogaeverydamnday), to social causes (#PuberMe#bodypositive).

When clients ask us what they’re doing wrong, we often respond that the problem is what they’re not doing. A tool can’t benefit you if you don’t use it to its full potential. Instagram has many more innovative and attractive features at your disposal — all you have to do is use them!

Do you want to get the most out of your social media marketing strategy? That’s why we’re here! We can help you streamline your social media channels, create a cohesive message, and attract your ideal customer. Contact us today for your free consultation!


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10 Inspiring Online Destinations For Content Creators


There’s nothing worse than being stumped on what to write about. We all know how daunting the blank page can be, or an empty spot in your content calendar. Well good news, you’re not alone.

At times, writer’s block is no match for the internet, while other times the sheer magnitude of the web causes us to become overwhelmed and leaves us without results. You need filters, guides, and specific places to go for the best material.

Here are the best places to find content ideas for social media marketing, blogging, and more:

  1. Google. Okay, we all use Google. But the handy website goes far beyond the standard search engine. You can specifically look for news and filter results based on the most recent or relevant. You can also set up alerts that help you stay aware of new content relevant to specific keywords. Finally, Google allows you to study trends and topic performance with Google Trends. It’s a handy tool that transforms content into quantifiable data. All three are fantastic features that not many marketers utilize.
  2. Facebook and Twitter. I bunched these two social media giants into one category simply because you’re able to search for content in similar ways. Hashtags, trending charts, and search bars are all very helpful when trying to find that spark of inspiration.
  3. Reddit. While Reddit is technically a social media platform to a certain extent, you can use it as a resource. Reddit is comprised of categories named Subreddits and you can find content that’s specific to your topic. r/cars is ideal for mechanics, r/technology is for computer companies, r/news is all-around awesome.
  4. Groups. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ house communities where like-minded professionals go to discuss relevant topics. These places are great for inspiration and new insights.
  5. Blogs. There’s nothing like a blog to get your brain working. There are millions of these sites out there that offer up a plethora of information. The only problem with blogs, however, is that they can be difficult to find. Blog Engage is a great place to find new and exciting avenues to knowledge.
  6. Email Marketing. Instead of trashing every email you receive, save the ones that might actually get your brain thinking or offer an engaging news article. You might find out that not everything in your inbox is spam.
  7. Stack Overflow. I love Stack Overflow. It’s a fantastic place to find the answers to technical questions, but they also offer a seemingly infinite library of knowledge and resources. They also have plenty of sister sites that will fit a wide variety of your content-hungry needs.
  8. Feed.ly. Like Google Alerts, Feed.ly is great because you can sit back, relax, and wait for the content to come to you. It takes just a few moments to set an account up and you will soon see a nice stream of articles, blogs, and more coming your way.
  9. YouTube. YouTube offers content suggestions based on things you’ve already viewed. This causes it to become a surprisingly deep well of knowledge and information. Just don’t get too distracted with funny videos.
  10.  Your Own Page. Lastly, all the inspiration you need might be on your own Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram page. Read your followers’ comments, study analytics, and read your older content.

There is no excuse for writer’s block or blank pages anymore. With the above recourses, you should be ready to take on the content creation world with a revived passion for marketing!

Still stuck? Contact us today to see how our social media managers can bring your marketing to new heights!

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