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The 5 Social Media Marketing Strategies That Boost Transparency

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How has social media marketing changed business? In more ways than you can count. The most significant though, for better or for worse, is that it increased transparency enormously. 

If you run a restaurant that offers bland plates and rude service, social media may be a nuisance for you. If you manage an A/C Heating service and you overcharge your customers, it will most certainly pop up around the web. However, if you run an honest business and do your best to produce quality service and products, the internet is an amazing place that you can really shine and reach new people….. if you let it.

The truth is, as long as your business is run right, you should want your brand to be as transparent as possible — and social media marketing has the ability to do this if you keep in mind the following 5 elements. Not only will they allow your business to have a better transparency, but your customer relationships will become so much better.

1. Communication. You don’t want to be a “mute brand.” Yes, you’re sending out content multiple times a day, but if a customer responds to you, it’s vital that you respond quickly. Remember the 3 “P’s” when you are talking with your customers – positive, prompt, and productive. 

2. Influence. Take time to find online influencers in your market with quality audiences who would be interested in your products or services. Connect and build relationships with those individuals. By doing so, you are branding yourself as an authority in your respective market. 

3. Quality connections. Quality or quantity? It’s better to have quality, focused content versus thousands of online connections, reading your content just once, then disappearing. On the other side of this, you need to be a quality connection yourself by sending out worthwhile content. 

4. Consistency. Don’t create a few batches of amazing content and then disappear. This means constantly publishing content and participating in online conversations. Your followers need reasons to stay by your side. Give them what they want. 

5. Branding. Show off your marketing skills with consistent branding, color, tone, messages, and mission. This is absolutely necessary as you expand your voice across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and much more. 

Are you less than confident in your approach to social media marketing? You don’t have to be, contact us today! We’re here to help you make your mark and hit your targets. 

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The 6 Most Effective Forms of Email Marketing

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If the holiday season will teach you about anything, it will give you a crash course in email marketing. You most likely woke up today with dozens of ads trying to entice you to purchase an item. You might have rolled your eyes at one or two of them but chances are you actually were interested in a few of them. 

Email marketing is helpful because it’s a direct punch to your audience. They have to acknowledge the email (especially if they want to get rid of that notification on their smartphone). But here’s the thing — your email has to be actually good enough for people to read it and become interested in what you’re marketing. 

To win at the email marketing game (or at least get started), check out the following types of campaigns that will catch your reader’s eye:

1. Newsletters. If your brand has a lot to say, then a newsletter is a great way to share your recent news, events, and updates. Newsletters should have enticing articles about your industry and how your company is making an impact. 

2. Personalized approach. You often see this type of marketing in industries that closely work alongside clients. Thanks to email marketing software, you insert their name and fashion the copy in a way that makes it sound like you’re actually talking to them- even though thousands received the same message. It can be a bit tricky, but it’s a great way to approach lead generation. 

3. Sales / coupons. Widely considered the type of email marketing that has the highest click rate, coupons delivered via email will guide customers down the path of conversion quite quickly.

4. Event invitation. Do you have a big party coming up? Let everyone know via social media and reinforce your message through your email marketing. That’s the best part about email, it strengthens your other channels quite effectively.

5. Contests. There’s nothing easier than delivering a sweepstakes to someone’s inbox and in a few clicks, they have a chance to win a big prize.

6. eBooks and freebies. Offer a free piece of content through your website and social media. The only thing they have to do is enter their email and boom– free stuff digitally delivered in their inbox. Of course now they will receive everything else you send out, but that should be a good thing if they enjoyed your content.

Have you received a piece of email marketing in the timeframe it took you to read this article? If so, look at how that company takes on social media marketing and see if their angle can help out your business with the above ideas in mind.

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The Best Lead Generation Strategies For Social Media


Finding leads and referrals have always been both a goal and obstacle for business owners. For some, it’s the only way they can generate revenue for their company. Social media has become not only a new solution for marketing purposes, but it serves as a way to discover potential clients, customers, residents, or whoever keeps your business alive.

There are several ways to achieve successful lead generation through social media. The following steps will help your business’s clientele skyrocket!

– Advertising. People utilize companies that are well known and have proven themselves. By adding a bit of social media advertising to your marketing budget, you be able to increase your profile’s visibility exponentially.

– Reaching out. Businesses approaching potential customers is not unheard of, but you need to do it with some subtlety. Programs like Crowdfire can help you follow a mass of people on Twitter, which is the starting point of new connections. Inviting those who liked your posts but not your page to do so is a super simple way to increase numbers. By sharing others’ content on Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, you exhibit an appreciation for their posts.

– Groups. LinkedIn and Facebook both have an impressive number of groups that allow you to connect with fellow professionals as well as those looking for your service. Be sure to get yourself out there and connect!

– Offers. The internet is the perfect place to promote freebies. Offer a free e-course, e-book, or trial. Give potential clients a free sample of the goodness of you have to offer.

Your ideal customers are already online waiting to be impressed by your marketing techniques. Get to it! These four strategies will help your marketing efforts and potentially increase leads and referrals.

Our clients notice an increase in referrals and leads through our customized marketing plans, content, and sharing! Contact us today to gain and advantage on social media.

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How To Heat Up Your Hashtag Game


One of the most important elements of social media marketing is to spread your content as far as possible. To achieve this goal, we have hashtags as handy tools. These little guys allow our posts to appear when someone searches for that hashtag. They’re basically the advanced version of a keyword.  Simple, right? Hashtags are easy to learn, but can take some finesse to master. Here are the best ways to make the famous internet tool work for you!

Know your platform’s limits. Do you think all the social media platforms are the same? Think again. The way each site uses hashtags is completely different. You should not use more than three for Facebook. There isn’t a limit for Twitter, but you still  have that 140 character limit hanging over your head. LinkedIn and Pinterest don’t use hashtags at all, rather utilize keywords. Instagram, on the other hand, is the king of hashtags. Be professional, but 10-15 hashtags max is recommended. 

Do your research. A hashtag will only do its job if someone is actually looking for it. You need to figure out what is trending. Luckily, you have tools. Ritetag and Hashtagify are both third party websites that allow you to see what the market is talking about.  Facebook and Twitter both have trending sections that allow you to see what all the buzz is about at the time. 

Don’t be too specific. #FacebookSocialMediaMarketing may not get as many hits as #Facebook, #SocialMedia, #SocialMediaMarketing and #Marketing. You want to make sure that people are searching that exact phrase, otherwise your content won’t come up. 

Don’t be too broad. On the opposite side of things, you want to make sure your hashtag isn’t going to drown in a sea of the same. #California may work, but if you are trying to get San Diego residents to pay attention, #SanDiego will work better. Otherwise, people who are looking for things pertaining to San Francisco may also see your post and it will be a waste. 

You need a little bit of imagination, research, and common sense to master hashtags. The symbol that used to be called the pound symbol is now your best friend in the social media world, but you need to know how to use them!

How do you use hashtags? Share below!

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Why Your Business Needs a Blog


A blog, or weblog, has been an internet staple for quite some time, preceding our beloved social media platforms by decades. The medium has withstood the test of time and continues to help countless internet users get their word out. Blogs are a bit like chess, easy to learn and hard to master. Well, consider us the Bobby Fischer of the blog world and get ready for our series about blogging for business.

So, first of all, what is a blog? Most of us have heard of the concept, but clarification can always be helpful. Basically, it is a website that presents articles in a reverse order of publication, so the newest posts are always the first pieces of content visitors see. Look at it as a journal on steroids, if you will. Yet a blog can go far beyond recording someone’s thoughts. It can be a priceless tool for businesses that want to reap the rewards of an online presence. It is a great addition to a website and can be a helpful resource for updates once you have a few posts published. Now, you might be thinking that since you aren’t a journalist, how could this kind of tool be useful?

Essentially, blogging is a wonderful way to keep contemporary information on your website and a way to bring attention to your brand. No matter what your industry is, you will be able to write articles about some aspect of your work. We have seen auto shops, self-storage businesses, and even dentists benefit from blogs. Even if you think your work is boring, trust us, there is an audience for it. Many of your fellow professionals scan the internet for articles relevant to their field and with a little help from your website of choice, your articles will be popping up on search engines all over the world.

Essentially, blogs allow business owners to voice their opinion and stance on certain issues or practices. Nothing new happening in your field? No problem! You can spotlight a certain element of your work every post.

We would recommend posting a blog article at least every few weeks. You want to keep it relevant and consistently updated. More is better on this side of the internet. Blogging is a lot like social media in the sense that you don’t want your site to gather dust.  

Look out for the next few segments on our series about business blogging!

How does your company utilize blogging? Comment below!

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