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How To Handle Online Marketing After The Holidays


When the stockings, the tree, the ornaments, and garland goes down, the unwanted gifts are returned, and the eggnog is all but spent, your social media marketing strategy may seem like it has a big hole in it. After all, you’ve spent all this time focusing on Christmas and the holidays that there may not […]

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The Social Media Marketing Night Before Christmas


It was the night before Christmas and all through the web, not a Facebook was quiet, not a Twitter was dead. Okay, enough rhyming. But we do have a great Christmas-related marketing story to tell. Mal and Rich Caughlin run Haberdasher, a downtown shop that features trendy clothes and a healthy mix of novelty items. […]

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7 Traits That Make Social Media Marketing Campaigns Memorable


Social media is fast-paced. That’s an absolute fact. Anyone who spent more than an hour away from Twitter and sees all the tweets they missed can attest to this. How can a marketer attempt to keep up? Despite the plethora of content that’s being uploaded every single minute, you have the potential to hit it […]

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Last Minute Holiday Ideas For Social Media Marketing


Time is almost up. Santa has already planned out his course. Most gifts are wrapped. Many stores are already preparing for Valentine’s Day. While the holiday season is the prime time for marketers, it’s a very brief and time-centric period, so you need to act decisively and quickly. If you haven’t touched on the holiday […]

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Tap Into Your Customer’s Mind Through Social Media


What is a marketer’s job? To promote a business, right? No. Actually, it’s to be a mind reader. Every piece of data that we study, every update we publish, every advertisement we create, is all in an effort to create something that adheres to the customer’s mindset. This is why psychics would make such good […]

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The Top 5 Daily Habits For Social Media Marketers


A morning routine is something that we all enjoy and need. It seems like our bodies go into auto-pilot mode as we brush our teeth, wash our face and prepare for the day. Habit, routine, and structure make for a successful day. This is the same for social media marketing work. Yet things go a […]

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What Is LinkedIn SlideShare?


LinkedIn is all about marketing with your fellow professionals. It’s essentially the world’s biggest conference if you will. It’s one of the few social media platforms that didn’t branch out into areas that it was never intended for. LinkedIn is for serious networking, and that’s that. That being said, every now and again they come […]

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5 New Facebook Features You Need To Know


Sure, Facebook is just a website, but because it reflects its 2 billion users, it’s also a living, breathing organism that evolves over time. Because of this, those who run the platform continuously update both their desktop and mobile versions. 1. Facebook Discover – Once again, the king of social media takes notes from the […]

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6 Steps To LinkedIn Success


When the average internet surfer thinks about social media, they tend to think of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Yet LinkedIn continues to stand firm as one of the leading platforms for professionals to reach out and connect with their peers in a unique way. A little over 200 million users are on LinkedIn, many of […]

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Use Social Media To Project Your Work Culture


Wouldn’t it be nice if your business could take a selfie? Well, it can through your employees. Emphasizing your company’s unique and vibrant office culture through social media is a great way to humanize your business. It appeals to the very core of social media, which is person-to-person communication. Social media marketing is quite a […]

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